WWE NXT 2.0 Results: Cora Jade Makes NXT 2.0 In-Ring Debut By Upsetting Franky Monet, Duke Hudson Rules Poker Table Now, Main Event Becomes Elimination Match (10/05) – The Overtimer


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The youngest lady in NXT 2.0 is finally getting to make her singles debut for the brand. Cora Jade recently faced Ember Moon on 205 Live, and has been supporting her boyfriend Trey Baxter backstage, but tonight looks to bring upon the dawn of the “Generation of Jade” tonight. She’s undeniably talented – she had the skills to get to WWE, but tonight is the match everyone will remember as her major debut.

Duke Hudson Is A Poker Star – Cora Jade Upsets Franky Monet

Before she’d hit the ring, we’d hear from Duke Hudson from Duke’s Poker Room. He’s not just a professional wrestler, but also a pro when it comes to cleaning everyone of their chips. While he didn’t win the Breakout Tournament, he won the heart of Wade Barrett who called him a sexy man. Take that as you will.

Jade was set to meet Virginia Ferry – until Franky Monet took her out. This is no longer a squash for Jade, as Monet nailed a huge lariat to the face of Jade. She’d stomp her into the corner, and was taking out her frustrations from last week’s main event loss. A running knee strike in the corner punished Jade, and Trey Baxter came to cheer her on.

Jade would be put into the middle of the ring for a Camel Clutch, before being stomped into the middle of the ring. To her credit, Jade kept on fighting until she was wiped out with a massive spear. Glam Slam would be countered into a roll up, and Jade showed it only takes three seconds for a win! Monet was ready to kill after this one, and her next opponent better watch out.


A solid debut which showed the selling skills of Jade, and the power of Monet. It was meant to make her look like a crafty underdog, a classic character that her youth sells well. Match Rating: 2/5 (**)

We’d catch up with MSK after this match, who met Grizzled Young Veterans. They decided the main event should be under elimination rules – and this was accepted before Briggs & Jensen turned this into a massive brawl! Who will survive the main event and be champion? Will Monet get revenge on Cora Jade? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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