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Speed and convenience go hand-in-hand and they’ve made online casinos the popular source of entertainment they are today. Mobile devices are being used routinely by most of those who have chosen online casinos instead of brick-and-mortar operators. A significant percentage of the new players are also mobile gamers, so the trend is only expected to gain strength in the years to come. The arrival of 5G technology is expected to act as a catalyst for growth and make online casinos even more appealing.

A much-needed boost of speed

Online casino games source here — got more immersive by the year and they look just as good on computers and mobile devices. Handheld gadgets are powerful enough to run these games glitch free, on par with traditional desktop and laptop computers. The only thing they are still lacking is speed, because of the sheer limitations of 4G technology. When spinning the reels of slots or playing other games against the algorithms, speed is not as important as when you compete against real croupiers at table games.

The arrival of 5G is expected to bridge the gap and provide another incentive for players to try live dealer casinos. Action is broadcasted in real-time using the latest WebCam technology, so players feel like they stepped inside a brick-and-mortar casino. Crisp visuals and detailed views of the gaming studio add a new layer of transparency and fairness. A lot of information is being broadcasted live, which takes a toll on speed and a superior Internet connection is needed to guarantee a flawless gaming experience.


5G is expected to open a new chapter when it comes to speed, while delivering a more stable and reliable gaming experience. The best part is that such a leap forward can be enjoyed without additional costs or hidden fees. As telecommunication giants embrace the new technology, it will be available to players who use their networks. Online casino enthusiasts will benefit from the enhanced speed, while enjoying a more reliable Internet connection for live table games.

Less pressure on existing telecom networks

It will take a while until 5G technology will be widespread enough as to cover the network currently used by the general public. Until this happens and everyone gets to enjoy the superior speed, progress will still be noticed by everyone. With each cluster of people migrating to 5G networks, the pressure on existing ones will be alleviated. There will be fewer people using 4G connections, so they will have access to more resources and their own gaming experience will improve.

5G technology will also encourage software developers to create even more complex games for mobile devices. With fewer concerns regarding speed and reliability, the games will reach their full potential, further closing the gap with computer casino entertainment. The wind of change is blowing and with 5G being just around the corner, the future of mobile casino gaming looks particularly bright.

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