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The beautiful island of Borneo is one of the Indonesian islands that attract tourists from across the globe in search of a relaxing and exotic holiday. The pristine waters, rich forests and amazing wildlife attract many beach lovers, nature lovers and trekkers who trek to reach this place. However, what most tourists do not know is that this natural paradise is also famous for its hotels and luxury accommodation. And, one of the best known and renowned hotels here is the Kuala Lumpur Casino.

Kuala Lumpur, sometimes also known as “Cultural village”, is located at the eastern part of the island. It is where tourists can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the rural life in Borneo. This unique community offers tourists a comfortable accommodation option in a safe and secure environment. There are five luxurious hotels here including the Kailan Tukayama Hotel, the Puncak Jaya Hotel, the Watsonsara Resort and Spa, the Jade Resort and Spa and the Hong Kong Hotel & Casino. These hotels provide world class facilities to their guests including the finest in luxury and cuisine.

Most of the five hotels here offer a wide range of facilities and amenities to their guests. They make sure that they provide a safe and comfortable accommodation to their guests. They ensure that the guest rooms here are equipped with modern facilities such as cable television, air-conditioning, DVD, internet broadband, minibar and other telephone/data connections. These features make it very convenient for guests to enjoy their stay.

There are many amenities offered at each hotel room, ranging from state-of-the-art telephones to a variety of fine dining restaurants. Some of these restaurants also offer an on-site restaurant where guests can have a meal or two. Some of the restaurants also offer daily buffet services to their guests. All these features make it very convenient for guests to enjoy their stay in the hotels here.

The accommodation in the hotels in Kuala Lumpur is very comfortable and stylish. The rooms are tastefully decorated with modern furniture and up-to-date appliances. The rooms have all the modern comforts of home, along with the quality and comfort of five-star hotels. These facilities offer a very pleasant ambiance to the guests.

The location of the hotels in Kuala Lumpur is such that it is just a short drive away from shopping centers, entertainment venues and the airport. So, when the guests here drop by, they will have lots of things to do. The shopping centers here are a few minutes drive away from most of the hotels. Thus, the guests have lots of options to choose from here.


The entertainment options here are excellent too. Most of the hotels here have multiple TV sets in each room. They also offer DVD players and game consoles. This provides fun and diversion for the guests. Thus, all the features offered here are aimed at ensuring that the guests have a great time enjoying their stay in the hotel.

The living quality of Kuala Lumpur is therefore excellent. The guests are taken care of very well, and the quality of the service is of excellent level. The hotels are located in some of the best spots in town and close to the airport as well. Hence, there is no need to go far for sightseeing or entertainment. Overall, all these features combine to ensure that guests have the time of their lives here.

To add to the luxurious experience, most of the hotels here also offer easy access to shopping malls and entertainment centres. There are plenty of choices here. Most of the hotels offer jetted bath and sauna facilities as well. This provides an opportunity to the guests to indulge in spa therapies and enjoy some quality time in the privacy of their own suites.

The hotels here are of different standards. Some of them offer basic facilities and some offer deluxe experience. These include good quality of food. Many hotels here serve international cuisines, along with local cuisine.

Hence, when choosing a hotel in Kuching, it is important to consider the services, environment and the quality of the food provided here. The ambience should be such that the guests feel relaxed here. The quality of the local entertainment is also important here. The hotel staff should provide excellent service.

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