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Once a sleepy fishing village on the banks of the busy Peninsular Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has emerged as one of the fastest growing destinations for tourists in the region. Like many of the small seaside towns and cities that dot the northern part of Borneo, it is only a short drive up the coast to the capital of Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. In just over an hour, visitors here can reach most of the key attractions and activities in the city, including the bustling airport, the shopping malls, the rows of gleaming new office and shopping complexes, and even the fascinating New Malaysia Museum. But perhaps what attracts people here so much is its natural beauty: lush, green mountains rising steeply from the pristine waters of peninsular Southeast Asia, and the serene beaches and surrounding mountain forests teeming with exotic wildlife.

Kuching is home to two casinos that have been recently added to the growing number of hotels and casinos in the area. The first is the largest – the prestigious Malaysia Gaming Development Corporation (MIGC) owned Malaysia Lottery Complex & Casino. Founded in 2021, it quickly became one of the most popular gambling facilities in town, attracting both local players and tourists. MIGC offers a wide range of gaming options, including bingo, slots, roulette, poker, and other card games. In addition to the main casino, it also has a wet casino, a children’s amusement park, a golf course, and an indoor fish park.

The second casino to be launched in Kuching is the ambitious Penang Resorts & Casino. Although it lacks the star status of its big brother, Penang Palace Hotel, it is a worthy competitor. Like its big sister, it too offers a wide range of games, from roulette to craps and keno, and offers a restaurant with a range of international dishes. The venue regularly draws a number of tourists, many of whom are from mainland Malaysia. Visitors usually spend a few hours relaxing and enjoying the various activities.


One of the largest malls in the region is the Metropole Shopping City, opened in 1992. It is spread across two blocks in the central area. It offers a large number of departmental stores and a handful of eating establishments. Most visitors are drawn by its shopping mall and its giant food court. The mall boasts a giant aquarium, an indoor aquarium show, an auditorium, a cinema, and a food court. There are also shops selling clothes, cosmetics, bags, jewelries, shoes, jewelry, electrical equipment, electronic goods, men’s and women’s clothing, toys, medicines, cosmetics, furniture, snacks, and alcoholic beverages.

The third venue that attracts visitors is the Sunday market, a staple for travelers to the area. Known as “Kuala Lumpur Sunday Market”, it has been open almost every Sunday since it opened. It is one of the best places to buy souvenirs and cheap gifts, as its hawkers often deal directly with the locals. It also has a number of stalls selling local produce. Many tourists come here just to buy fruits and vegetables to take home as souvenirs.

Other attractions in the area include the Petting Zoo, the Natural History Museum, and the Peridot Temple. The Natural History Museum houses many dinosaur bones and displays the country’s rich collections of artifacts. The Petting Zoo features animals such as reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. You can even have a chat with the dolphins at the swimming pool.

For more excitement, the best way to get around is with a rented motorcycle. You can go out riding and see the scenery. There are numerous motorbike tours available, including one that takes you through the national parks and key forests. The Peridot Temple complex is also worth visiting. The Temple is made from the remains of ancient Phoenicians.

When in the area, you should not miss the local cuisines. The locals are quite familiar with most of them and make sure to bring lots of snacks and drinks. The restaurants in the area cater mainly to tourists but provide delicious and nutritious food for the local people.

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