Ricochet Poker strategy


I agree this is a very interesting game. There is already a WOV forum thread on this game: Ricochet Poker but it simply provides the rules without any analysis.

Game description.
Players and the dealer all make equal wagers that go in a central pot.

Players are dealt 2 cards face-up and dealer 5 cards face up

Dealer folds if he has a very high 5-card hand -the threshold hand for “kickout” depends upon the number of players in the game. It ranges from KKQ to a Straight. This is a rule that helps the player.

Each player, starting with the lowest two card hand, must decide to either play (with an ante-sized Play bet) or fold. If they play, they are dealt three additional cards face down.


As OP says, only one player can win the – the player (including the dealer.) who makes the highest 5 card hand

Dealer only puts an ante bet in and his hand is always eligible to be the highest -that is the house edge. Players must wager a Play bet (which goes in the pot) in order to win the pot.

As it is a competitive poker game, a player’s EV would depend upon all the two card hands in the game. I suspect Wizard may not want to analyze the strategy for this. Maybe someone within the forum?

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