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This is a new and updated post as i failied to start the tournament last sunday after americascardroom had some issues where they said first we can host without buyins then suddenly changed their words and said we must have buyins.

So ive been lucky and found a new platform ive tested it and it allows to do excactly what we want and is a playmoney platform allowing users from all over the world: Clubgg link to download https://apps.apple.com/no/app/clubgg-poker/id1529839330?l=nb

After you download and inside the app search for club RedditCCsub and join that one.

your username on Clubgg must be the same or very similiar to Reddit username for secuirty reasons.

I been thinking of this idea for a while now and let’s see if we can get it off and maybe it will become a regular thing people will want more of in the future. Im sure this will be a fun thing for us as a community and what better we can win some moons!!

Date & time: Sunday 10 April 19.00 UTC Texas hodlem no limit

Buyins is 50 moons and is sent to me along your clubgg username and reddit username, when i got your buyin confirmation will be sent along with the password to the tournament the password will be sent on before tournament start on Sunday.

Prizepool donated: 6418 moons

Prizepool entries: 950 moons

To spice it up me and u/moonsorbust will donate 100 each for every mod that joins and play and if you knock out one of them you will get 200 moons per mod as their bounty.

This is something that have been requested by many of u so lets do this and lets see who is the best poker player of this sub and if this becomes a success u/moonsorbust has said he maybe will give 10k moons on next time we host it🥳🥳 And if you want to donate to the prizepool let me know in the comments or dm!

May the poker force and crypto force be with you!


And again i wanna say thnx to the mod team for letting us do this and the donation and thank you u/moonsorbust for that nice big donation!!

Please do not share password with anyone and this is why its important usernames will be same on Reddit as Clubgg.

If you have any questions or need help feel free to contact me


21 entries 1050 moons so far:






u/nanooverbtc (200 moons bounty)
















Current prizepool without entries: 6418

Donators to the prizepool

u/cintre 300 moons

u/Giddyup281 50 moons

Mod team 1000 moons

u/moonsorbust 5000 moons

u/Wilder54321 168

Make sure i can send you private message and you have not checked out on people sending u private message as im sending u the password on your inbox right before tourney start

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