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Hi guys,

I’ve an idea and I’d like to discuss it with you fine folks. Maybe it’s a bad idea but I’m very intrigued by it.

Idea: to create a Poker League where there are different ranks. The league is divided into different seasons and each season could have 5-10 tournaments in a span of 1 month.. or 2/3 months. TBD.

Ranks would look like: (ie. bronze –> diamond –> master –> Grandmaster).

Everyone starts from bronze level and depending on how well people do in all the tournaments, they can rank up at the end of season. Sort of an MMR or a point system. Obviously, the more players we get, the better the ranking system would work.

Why play in this Poker League?

  1. If no money in it: Play for glory and make it to the top. Honestly, Prove your poker skills against other poker enthusiasts.


  2. If there is money as prize, then maybe we should have a one time small registration/entry fee per season?

Maybe the league can start with ‘no money prize’ to give us proof of concept. And see if the community even wants something like this?

If people only want to play for prize money but also don’t want to pay to register… I may even be down to pay the prize myself, since I love poker so much.

This would be my side-project and would love to see it grow.

If there is something like this already out there, please let me know. I can just join it.

If nothing is out there like this, then I would like to create it and I’m very open to suggestions and also people joining me in making it happen.

What say you?

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