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Hi everyone – during quarantine i got sick of not having a good app that we could use for home games. I wanted an easy way to schedule games, not be bombarded with fake chips, antes and a bunch of nonsense but just private leagues, customizable gameplay, no ads, stats, etc. So i created a new platform called Zoker,


Basically it lets you create a league, create games, invite friends and over time we plan to add more and more control of the details of the game (# rebuys, round length, # addons, etc) as well as adding more and more stats over time. Also wanted it to be purely subscription based, no fake chips and not cluttered with with constant promos for real money games. The idea here is strictly geared towards private home games.

I am looking for feedback and people to help me test it out during our beta, so if you are interested in giving it a go, i can hand out a bunch of free membership codes for anyone willing to help! Appreciate it.

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