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Question about the probability of poker hands, but not the traditional ones. Specifically what are the various probabilities in a game with 5 cards to a hand of getting A) small straight [4 cards in a sequential order not all of the same suit, and the 5th not completing the sequence], B) small flush [4 cards of the same suit and not in sequential order, and the 5th a different suit] and C) small straight flush [4 cards of the same suit in sequential order, and the 5th not matching the suit or continuing the sequence]? The total number of C should be excluded from A and B, but the 5th card in A,B and C could match value of any of the 4 other cards (as all three of these hands would be worth more than a standard pair). Also note A’s can be both low (less than 2) and high (higher than K) but can’t do both (Eg Q-K-A-2-3 is not a valid straight). The essential question is where would the A, B and C rank against existing poker hands based on probability? I have rough estimates of each but not very confident, so any help would be appreciated.

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