Netizen Reveals the Hpocrisy of Casino, Elago, Zarate, Reyes, Hontiveros & Pangilinan Allegedly Sacrificing Poor Children


A concerned netizen and prominent blogger on social media, Krizette Laureta Chu, called the attentions of the critics of the Duterte administration. 

Krizette Chu revealed the alleged hypocrisy of the cause-oriented groups, political leaders and the so-called champions of the masses. 

According to Krizette Chu’s revelations, the children of former Bayan Muna Congressman Teddy Casino were all schooling at the prestigious De La Salle University which is contrary to his public opinion of being a leader of the poor and cause-oriented group. 

Kabataan Partylist Representative and alleged NPA recruiter, according to some former NPA-Cadre, her immediate family  members were sent abroad. 

Rep. Carlos Zarate on his part sent his fashionable son to Europe for study purposes, while veteran protest leader Renato Reyes has no known job but to protest. He has a small boy who is too young to protest but clearly belongs to the middle class according to some reports. 

Sen. Risa Hontiveros was also called out by Chu as she revealed that Hontiveros’ daughter works in the beauty industry with the infamous CEO. Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s children study in international school her in the country or abroad. 


These are the reasons why Krizette Chu questioned the idealism of the so-called leaders of the cause-oriented groups. Krizette suggested that these leaders should send their children to the mountains and be in front of major rallies to become violent, then they can talk about rights and freedom, as well as sacrifices and security.

Read the Complete Statement of Krizette Chu:

Teddy Casino’s children are in La Salle.

Some of Sarah Elago’s immediate family members are abroad. 

Carlos Zarate sent his fashionable son to Europe. 

Renato Reyes has no known job but to protest. He has a small boy who is too young to protest, but I’ve seen photos and he looks exactly like any other urban boy from Manila belonging to the middle class, and not a child of a farmer or from a rural poor family or urban poor. 

Risa Hontiveros’ daughter works in the beauty industry with the infamous CEO.

Kiko Pangilinan’s children study in international schools and/or abroad. Not UP. Not PUP. Not a provincial state school with peeling paint and smelly toilets. Kakie espouses her brand of hashtag activism from the comfort of her plush surroundings. 

One of the more outspoken civilian supporters of the Left has a son who is a very successful entrepreneur, very kapitalista. Ano kaya ang business model? Communism, sharing equally ang profit  sa kanyang mga trabahador?

HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA. Idealismo? Saan banda? Padala ninyo yung mga anak at pamangkin ninyo sa bundok, isalang ninyo sa harap ng mga rally at maging bayolente, then we’ll talk about rights and freedom, we’ll talk about sacrifices and security. 

Easy for you to sacrifice the children of other, mostly POOR or LOWER CLASS people, at the altar of your ambition. 

The bitter irony and pure evil to use their discontent and pain to bring these families even more pain. 


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu FB Page

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