I’m still an amateur and while my game is good enough for a casual game with friends I doubt its as good as I want, so please help me to improve my poker game strategy ! (I play texas Hold’em) : poker


My strategy is pretty consistent and safe in a sense, I hardly bluff, only in the begining to look like a weak player and have the other players underestimate me. I tend to always check fold when I have a high card (and of course fold whenever someone bets) and I only call lowbets with a pair also folding when I see things are geting too high. I tend to go slightly agressive when I have a higher pair like two aces or king or when I have two pairs and then I tend to go full berserk when I have awesome cards like 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, straight , flush and so on. of course I just don’t go all in when I have a good hand as I enjoy to start beating a bit just enough for then to call but not enough for then to give up, until I’m making very high bets by the end of the game and they are all scared of leaving because they already invested “too much into it.” and don’t want to miss the investment. I only bet a bit on pre flop when I have good cards (usually pairs or some very high cards like king and ace, also don’t bet a lot on pre flop cuz I don’t want to scare my oponent away.) I also always cash out when I’m winning and feel that I have enough.


I do think that while my consistency is a bit of my strenght I think it also can make me predictable if you play enough times with me, I’m also always avoiding to bluff as I don’t like to depend on other people abillity to see through me or worse for then to realise how worth is their hand. while that is good enough to beat an AI of a video game (like the AI on the yakuza 0 poker minigame) and to beat your friends that barelly knows what a flush is I would still like to get to know more of the game since I plan to one day go pay a visit to places like monte carlo, macau and vegas. (rather have the extra bonus of having at least some of the costs of the trip corvered rather than losing even more than what planned.)

So what advices you guys would give to me ? how I can improve my consistent and somewhat safe style of play without having to relly on bluffs to much. (as I said I’m very willing to be agressive with a good or decent hand as well to fold whenever I can notice someone has a very good hand or that I have a shit one.)

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