I’m looking to buy a clay poker set with christmas money. Any suggestions? : poker

I agree with you. No real chance at “casino quality” chips at that price range. I should have given some additional background in my other reply.

I my experience, unless you’re really into poker chips, most people can’t and don’t care to notice the difference. The “China clay” chips will be more than adequate for a small stakes recreational player.

It’s like fancy wine. If you are into wine you can detect notes of whatever but if you’re an average Joe your taste is more likely binary, you can tell bad or not bad.

Since the target budget is 100 bucks, in my opinion there’s no need to overthink it. The time and money of buying a more expensive set of chips would be better spent playing and learning. The China clay chis will be nicer than the cheap poker chip sets you get at a sporting goods store and you can play and have fun.

Here’s a YouTube link of a guy reviewing some budget sets. https://youtu.be/PAOlFpCKzNo

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