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Hi, so I’ve been grinding between 2-4 regular table on ignition for a while now. After spending $200 dollars to “learn” how to play (I just sucked) I’ve become a break even player lifetime. After watching and reading about zone I decided to give it a shot tonight, playing 2 tables… all I can say is WOW. I just about tripled my average hands played in the same amount of time and crushed it. I did notice that people seem to play pretty different. One of the biggest things I noticed is that people 3bet more often. I’m still not sure if that was just a result of seeing more hands or if they were 3betting at a high frequency, but none the less it was an observation. I also notice that people DO NOT fold to 3bets. They will just call, see a flop, and then fold to just about any bet sizing.

So, for those that are also grinding away at the micros, what trends have y’all noticed. One thing I still can’t tell is if people are bluffing more or less. What I do know is, my bluffs were working way better than usual. My red line was through the roof!

Good luck!

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