Fun Facts About the Psychology Behind Bluffing in Poker


Faces reveal a lot about your heart’s emotions. This phrase is certainly very true when it comes to poker. Poker without bluffing is impossible. Face, smile, eyebrows, and even your eyes need to be kept in control when you’re bluffing about your strategy. For the ones playing poker online, bluffing is easier. Obviously, because your face will not be visible to your opponent. 

If you’ve not played a game of poker ever, then you wouldn’t be knowing the art of deception. In real terms, it’s an art and it takes days, months, and even years to learn the different bluffing strategies. To become a good bluffer while playing poker games online, you must inculcate some basic skills in yourself. 

Even if you’re having a poor hand or want to win faster in the game – becoming a bluff king can save your day. Here’re a quick pointer that may come handy in this matter. 

Be a consistent bluffer 

 If you know bluffing, then you need to continue the same lifelong. The only way to become a great bluffer is to be consistent in the act. Body language, facial expressions, right attitude – everything will get better with time. For online poker players, the tactics may be easier. But even you won’t be able to see your opponent which makes it difficult to understand whether your opponent is also bluffing or not. Bluff in all games. Keep bluffing all the time. Because it’s easier said than it’s done! 


Control your emotions 

If you find your opponent staring at you while you’re bluffing, then defi8nitely you’re doing it wrong. Get your emotions under control. There’s a saying, “don’t make a poker face.” Those hard expressions may look difficult and rude, but they’ll defi8nitely save your day. If you’re playing poker online, then there’ll be no such issues. Then you can enjoy and can show it off on your face without anyone knowing the same. 

Bluff at the right time 

Bluffing at the right time is the major key to the strategy. Let’s say you’ve bluffer long after the need is over. What good would it do? Check your cards, make your strategy, and know where exactly your bluffs may work. Moreover, be very selective when you’re bluffing. If the bluffing is not accurate then the purpose of doing the same fails. 

In the case of live poker games, it’s even important to keep your ears closed. If you get distracted, then the bluff can go completely wrong. If you’re playing with naturally talkative people, then there’s a high chance that the person may just talk you out of your bluffing strategy. So, be very careful. You need to be very attentive in order to go ahead with a good bluff. 

Happy Playing !!

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