Bitcoin Price History


As of today, the price of BTC is $ 48,600. The volatility of the cryptocurrency and its ability to move the rate according to the principle of a parabola can lead to the fact that tomorrow the rate will either become twice as large or even fall to the very bottom. The latter perspective does not mean that the fall will be catastrophic and the price will no longer rise – similar situations have already been known in the history of the development of this cryptocurrency – bitcoin fell, rose, fell again, but after that, it surely grew in price again.

2017 was marked by astronomical growth, so many depositors in just a few months enriched themselves by a fairly round amount, when BTC peaked at $ 20,000. Then it was a serious record, so most of the media thundered with fresh news about decent earnings on investments in this cryptocurrency. During that period, many were in a hurry to buy bitcoin, as they were inspired by such a development of events.

However, the next year, the trend changed a lot, and bitcoin began to fall in price, reaching from 20 thousand at once to 3 thousand. This greatly undermined investor confidence in the prospects of cryptocurrency, but all that was left was to wait for the price to rise or not. Click here to find out how to invest your bitcoin and multiply it.


The wait-and-see attitude has provided an advantage for many, as in 2019 the cryptocurrency began to rise in value again. For this period, the cost fluctuated in the range from 10 to 14 thousand. True, there was a collapse again, and prices fell to 6.5 thousand. In 2020, the situation worsened a little – the cost of bitcoin began to equal 4 thousand dollars. This triggered a new wave of buying.

In 2021, the bitcoin cryptocurrency is trading at a price of 48 thousand dollars that is, for those who were still able to buy it in 2020, good times have come – the cost has increased 15 times. Bitcoin has hit another all-time high this year and is not going to stop as it has no real resistance from outside.

The future of bitcoin in eyes of experts

A cryptocurrency forecast for 2022 from leading experts of the cryptocurrency community regularly appears on the network, who suggest how the cryptocurrency will develop in the near and long term.


Bitcoin development prospects based on forecasts

Cryptocurrency analysts and leading industry researchers predict an incredibly large-scale growth of the cryptocurrency, based on the present value of $ 60,000 today.It is impossible to say for sure when exactly Bitcoin will reach such indicators, but this does not stop specialists from conducting technical analysis.

According to the already historically established situation, the trajectory of the bitcoin rate is invariably swinging – from the maximum to the point of a consolidation. If we consider the movement by analogy, then the cryptocurrency will reach a maximum of about $ 325,000, and then it may fall to $ 50-60 thousand.

In any case, a strong fall is not expected in the near future, so many investors prefer to boldly invest their funds in this cryptocurrency, without waiting for new rounds of the global crisis.

Retrospective: did the predictions until 2021 come true?

In the past years, cryptocurrency analysts and financiers have also proposed options for the development of bitcoin, many of which were justified, some were too bold and did not come true.

Lots of people are quite optimistic about bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology in general, no less they have opponents who do not trust digital currency in principle. The main arguments of the positive side are the optimistic forecasts of analysts, the reliability of bitcoin, the digitalization of the market and the high volatility of the cryptocurrency. Pessimists also look at the forecasts of the supporters of their theory and do not think that Bitcoin has any future, believing that at one moment it can simply burst along with all the finances of thousands of holders

Despite this division of parties- for and against bitcoin, this cryptocurrency marked a serious start to undermine the institution of fiat currencies, the banking system and the traditional understanding of money. Cryptocurrencies are now becoming more and more popular, now they can be used to make purchases on some trading platforms, and members of the crypto community see this as the beginning of a big confident digital money path. You can even buy bitcoin in some countries with the help of vending machines installed at grocery points of sale, and not just via the Internet on stock exchanges or from holders.

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