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Sup guys. I’m a Canadian player trying to understand what the poker site meta looks like right now. I am a relatively experienced player, both online and live (I was a live semipro for a little while), but I haven’t played online in about 2 years. When I was playing, the only sites that mattered were Pokerstars and Partypoker. Looking at, I see that Partypoker is all but dead and Pokerstars isn’t as dominant as it once was. here are my questions:


What is your opinions on GGPoker? I remember I used to play on it and it was very soft, but the player pool still wasn’t even on the level of 888. I quit because there was clearly something suspicious about the rakeback system. I will be the first one to call all those people who say the site is rigged every they lose a hand morons, but I did the math and the odds that I get the worse rakeback bracket as many times in a row as I did if the odds were as advertise were worse than the odds of me winning the lottery. Is this still the case? Is the player pool still dogshit? Is the player pool somewhat consistent (I know that it is mostly for Asian players)

Are there any other sites you would recommend right now. What I like is winning. Which means that my priority are, in this order: big enough player base, soft games, good UI, zoom variant available.

I play cash games. Fuck online tournaments!

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