Adjusting to live loose passive fish : poker

I recently started playing live games, where 100% of players I have seen (with a sample size of three or four dozen players) are loose passive fish. Open raise sizes range from $10 to $20 preflop in a $1/$2 game. I come from an online background where people play closer to theoretical (typically seeing 2-3x open sizes, mostly around 2-2.25x). I have just been playing my normal game, opening to 2x from every position except the button where I open 2.5x. However, is there value in simply playing a tighter range and opening much larger, as these loose passive fish all do? It still gets calls, so it appears that despite you would essentially have to play like a rock (I play next to no hands already as I don’t iso light and there are many limps), it would surely still be profitable; I just wonder if it’s more profitable to continue playing the theoretical game.

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