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The following strategy is “simple strategy” for jacks or better video poker

—-2 unsuited high cards (if more than 2 then pick the lowest 2)
Question 1: Then which two cards you should keep? if you get any 4 or 3 cards of J, Q, K, A?

—- Suited 10/J, 10/Q, or 10/K
Question 2: How about 10/ACE?

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  • 1. Keep the lowest two. If you get A, K, Q, then keep K, Q and discard the Ace.


    2. With Ace/10 suited, keep the Ace, but discard the 10.

    Personally, in (1), if I am dealt AKQJ, I would keep all four (with just AKQ, discard the Ace), and if dealt KQJ, I would keep all three. (With AQJ, I would discard the Ace.)
    Also, in (2), if I am dealt King/10 suited, I would discard the 10 and keep the King. (Queen/10 and Jack/10, I would keep both.)

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