6 clever online poker tips for beginners

Poker has been booming the past few years and is especially popular amongst people who want to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, being great at poker isn’t that easy. Did you know that a US judge ruled poker to be more a game of skill than chance? Winning at poker takes skill, wits, and an insanely clever strategy. 

Before I discourage you from playing poker entirely, don’t! Below, you will find 6 clever online poker tips for beginners that help you on the right track. 

1. Be patient and study the game

Before you put any money on the line, you’ll want to know all the rules and cards by heart. If you don’t, you’ll lose. Beginners often make the mistake of wanting too much, too soon. This attitude will risk you losing a lot of money. Beginners are also tempted to play with many hands because they can’t quite pinpoint whether they have a strong hand or not. The solution? Study the game of poker and the value of cards and hands as if your life depends on it because it kind of does. As a beginner, you should play conservatively and only take risks when you’re confident you’ve got a great hand.

2. Read your opponent

An essential part of judging the value of your hand is knowing what the other guys have. How to do that? Learn to read them. The best poker players accurately read their opponents and know when someone is bluffing, feels nervous, or has a strong hand. To be a good poker player, you need to familiarise yourself with people’s habits, emotions, and body language. Poker is much more than a game. It’s growing your people reading skills. When you accurately read people, you have valuable information on what your next step should be. 

3. Assess your chances

Aside from reading people’s emotions, you’ll want to get a grasp of whether your opponents are solid players or not. Adapt your strategy according to who you have in front of you. If your opponents aren’t that great, you can play more flexibly. For example, play a couple of more rounds and throw in some bluff here and there. 

4. Bluff moderately

When people talk about poker, they talk about bluffing. The truth is most people don’t know what they’re talking about. Bluffing is tricky because it often results in people making dumb decisions. However, at times, bluffing can work out amazingly. Remember that beginning players often have their attention hooked on their cards and won’t see you are bluffing. Surprisingly, more experienced players are a better target for bluffing tricks because they are patient and fold more frequently.

5. Consider your place at the table

Knowing where you sit at the poker table is essential! If you’re last at the table, you will be the last one making decisions. Being the last one has its advantages in poker. It gives you the time to consider your decision and observe what other people are doing. Not everyone gives equal importance to their seat at the table, but it’s something that works to your advantage, especially as a beginner.

6. Play online to practice 24/7

The beauty of playing online poker is that you can do so 24/7. You’re not limited to casino opening times or ‘normal’ hours of the day. Many online live poker sites host games around the clock. Practice is critical when you’re a beginner, and online, there are always poker games ready to play. Please do pace your spending because you don’t want to be out of money after 2 rounds.  

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