Your friends want to go to the casino to gamble with poker. What strategy (at 1/2 live 100bb), that can fit on a notecard, do you give them that loses them the least amount of EV while playing a reasonable VPIP (>=15%) poker?

Play AT+,QK, and suited cards where both cards are T+. If you’re first in, make it $10. If 2 people have entered the pot, also call with smaller pairs to try and get 3 of a kind. Bet 2/3 pot when you have top pair or better. If you get only 1 caller preflop, bet 2/3 pot anyway. If you ever get raised, think really hard about if they are doing it with a worse hand. If you think it’s close you should probably fold. Bet turn and river if you feel like you probably have the best hand.

Short lesson I gave my dad who doesn’t play NL to play 1/1 at the linq and he did well.

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