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I’m a winning 1/3 and losing 2/5 NL player. I subscribed to poker snowie and have been attempting to incorporate the GTO software ideas into my play in order to start winning at higher stakes, but my play hasn’t improved as much as I thought. I’m not sure how much of snowie strategy translates to real world live poker. Any opinions on the topics below?

Preflop raises: Poker snowie recommends 2.5x preflop opens. Most live games I play have 5x standard opens. Should I start opening smaller, even knowing I will get called by 6 players?

Bluff hands: I have been opening and 3 betting A4 and A5 suited based on the solver; however, in live games, no one folds to my 3 bets. They also give me action when I raise with AA AK KK QQ. Should I just abandon the bluffs?

Ranges: Poker snowie is extremely tight when there are multiple callers. For example, if UTG opens, MP and CO calls, snowie recommend FOLDING JJ and worse on the BUTTON and playing only a few suited connectors as 3 bet bluffs and top QQ+ for value. Seems to tight but I don’t have a robot computer brain. What range do you think makes the most in this situation?

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