UKGC Vs Curacao Poker Rooms

14 Jan

The importance of the licensing body of any poker gaming operator has come to the fore recently as the poker gaming market has come to be one with a lot of hazards both to the operators and mostly to the customers. This dangerous condition makes it indeed necessary to have strict laws and regulations to guide every bit of the poker gaming activities carried out. This regulatory function can only be carried out by a credible and reputable body, to ensure the rules are adhered to and the customers are protected by all means.

This kind of supervision is the sole justification for the preference of a standard and licensed casino over a mere back store joint for a poker game as your security as a customer is guaranteed by the watchful eye of the regulatory body in that jurisdiction. If you are so free-spirited and you decide to try out the illegal platforms, you are doing so to your peril.

Truly, it is difficult to bag a reputable license. It is even stricter to maintain such licenses. Yet, these are the licenses that open up the chance to operate in a larger marketplace for these operators. Despite the fact mentioned above, most of the poker sites not on Gamstop at have reputable licensing authority. A less-stringent license gives you the chance to set up your brand and start operating very quickly. Yet, you only have a limited target audience in your business reach.

Knowing this, it is important for gambling operators who offer poker games to check out for certain qualities in whatever regulatory body is available before they bid for their licenses if they (the betting operators) must maintain a sense of trust and credibility in the sight of their customers.

Various supervisory bodies regulate gambling activities with a good level of transparency and strictness. From this long list, we have drawn out two big wigs with outstanding prowess and credibility in the iGaming industry. These two are:

  • The United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • The Curacao eGaming

In this article, we will check them out to assist you as an existing or intending gambling operator in making a knowledgeable choice on which of them to opt for your licenses. And for you as a poker gamer, to decide if an operator is the best for you based on the body issuing them their license. Follow through!

UKGC Poker Rooms

Since its inception, the UKGC has grown into a very credible and very strict betting regulatory body amongst others globally. And thanks to The 2005 Gambling Act, the capacities and scope of this body’s jurisdiction has been extended to ensure more protection for bettors from harmful activities as they likewise seek to provide a good level of equality and clarity to those in this industry.

Even with the few names of this body, you can be sure that every operator under this body offering poker gaming services can’t rest in their bid to give you only the best and fairest services as their customers. This is as every error on their part does not pass without stringent consequences.

This strictness demonstrated by the body is a leading factor for the trust they enjoy from poker players and other bettors, as well as from governments who allow them to render these poker services in their countries via their licensed operators.


  • Their licensed operators enjoy widespread poker services distribution to almost every country where poker gaming is not banned.
  • The customer practices given by operators licensed by the UKGC is topnotch.
  • Their operators are very trustworthy.


  • Their license does not cover businesses outside horse racing, sports betting, lottery, casino, and poker.
  • Operators must wait for 16 weeks before their licensing process can be complete.
  • There are several regulatory requirements to adhere to; like Gamstop, Gamban, etc. These can be a load on the operators but it is for the good of everyone.

Curacao eGaming Poker Rooms

This regulatory body from the Caribbean allows poker gaming operators to ease through their license application process as they provide a relatively simple and immediate protocol for receiving operating licenses. And this is done at a low cost.

Yet, the last couple of years has seen cases of their licensed operators scamming unsuspecting poker players which have dented their credibility and that of their license. Furthermore, their jurisdiction has been reduced to only markets where the requirements are not so high.


  • Their licenses cover every variety of gambling including poker games for their licensed operators
  • There is a 0% VAT and a mere 2% tax on the corporate profits of their licensed gambling operators.
  • Their operators are allowed to use cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment.
  • To process your license as an operator cannot take more than 4 weeks


  • This body cannot help you out as a poker gamer when you have any dispute with their licensed operator.
  • The license given to gambling operators by this body is restricted to markets like Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • They require certain limited and unfavourable conditions to be met before their license is given.

Having read all we have explained in this article, as a lover of poker games, you can now decide which of these sets of operators will be best for you to game with.

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