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Living in Malaysia is a really big experience for all working ex-pats. This incredibly multicultural country on the tip of Southeast Asia basically has everything to offer in terms of cultural diversity. Spending some good years in Malaysia will easily become a life changing experience. However, there are both positives and negatives about life in such a wonderful country. In this article I’m going to briefly summarize some of the pros and cons of working as a poker pro in Malaysia.

The biggest positive aspect of working in Malaysia for many is personal freedom. For example, if you’re a native of America or Australia, your life might seem pretty regimented where you live and work, but once you come to Malaysia, life practically is freedom. You can choose your own hours of work. You have no boss to follow and if you want to go out for lunch instead of staying at home all day, you can do that too. It’s also quite hard to find someone to work with outside your country of origin as it’s pretty difficult to get local employment without the necessary skills. If you have the right skill set, however, getting paid for your services in Malaysia is very possible and certainly worth the effort.

Another good thing about Malaysia is the fact that its people are very warm and friendly. While the majority of people here are Malayans, they do tend to speak English, so if you have an understanding of the local language, that’s always an asset. The native Malaysians, or Chinese, are always helpful, always talk in English and it’s always clear they respect you as a new visitor to their land. This also extends to their dealings with the locals of various towns and cities, so for example, when you go to a new town or city, you’re never met at the airport, but rather met at the local restaurant where locals eat and drink with you. The culture in Malaysia is definitely one of a kind, and not something anyone would compare to anywhere else in the world.

Malaysia’s residents also enjoy their lifestyle, and the lifestyle they enjoy is varied and rich. Whether you’re enjoying a walk in nature in central Malaysia, shopping in one of the many shopping malls in Singapore or enjoying some time on a golf course, Malaysia has something for everyone. There are some great beaches in Malaysia too, and these beaches are especially popular among tourists who come to Malaysia just to relax on some of the world’s best white sand beaches. The locals in Malaysia are famous for being down to earth, friendly and extremely helpful, which is another reason why so many people from the United Kingdom and other western countries to come to Malaysia. Malaysia is a great place to visit.

Not only that, but expats from the United Kingdom come to Malaysia to experience a taste of authentic Malaysian culture. Malayans are extremely passionate about their history and certainly talk about it proudly, including the old timers who have been coming to the country for centuries. When English speakers come to Malaysia, they get a taste of the old school culture that their parents and grandparents came to enjoy during their own lifetimes. There is an immense love for the British colonialists in Malaysia, and many expats speak fondly of the days when “the British” ruled over Malaysia. One of the most popular national symbols, the lehenga, is almost exclusively associated with the British.

Although, like most Asian countries, Malaysia has its fair share of Germans. The largest groups of German residents in Malaysia are from Beijing, who are mainly from Germany and do not speak English. The majority of the German population in Malaysia are from Singapore, although there are substantial numbers of people from other German cities such as Frankfurt as well. Regardless of where you origin, you will encounter large numbers of Germans in different localities throughout the country, which makes for a diverse cultural diversity that will delight any traveller who loves adventure and culture.

Another large population group of expats that has made Malaysia an increasingly desirable place to live for UK citizens and international migrants are Chinese. There are several different ethnic groups that form the core of the population living in Malaysia, with the largest number originating from China. There are a large Christian community in Malaysia, particularly in the East Coast, and this has led to an influx of Chinese people over the years.

Apart from the blend of traditional cultures, another significant reason why expats choose to live in Malaysia is the remarkable variety of climatic conditions it offers. The climate is one of the country’s draws, especially for backpackers. The dry, arid north as well as the sultry south provide a rich contrast to each other, making the prospect of exploring them an enjoyable experience for everyone. The different climatic zones also play a huge role in the richness of local food, as there is a great deal of variety across the island, from cuisines served in hawker centres up to fine dining. Whether you enjoy surfing, swimming or climbing the sheer heights, Malaysia offers an ideal holiday destination that offers a range of activities and adventures.

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