The cheapest big blind on blockchain poker is 2 satoshis, a Spice token goes for around 38k satoshis, and a honk token is 0.2 (sub-Satoshi!!). Only BCH enables this as Bitcoin always did! : btc

Unlike the Lightning Network this is not a closed small group of people thinking they’re getting “free transactions bro” without realizing they’re not Bitcoin transactions whatsoever.

This is not some alt where yes it’s cheap to transact but it’s either absolutely centralized or has some insane pre or insta mine or something other form of value theft.

This is pure Bitcoin as it always worked, where people ultimately think in terms of Satoshis and the 100,000,000 satoshi each coin includes.

There is no nicer feeling than sending a 0.2 BCH and pay around 200 satoshis to receive 20,000,000 satoshis on I admit I play mostly on 1 and 5 Satoshi tables because I just feel a satoshi is a satoshi!

And it’s really awesome to go to and see cool meme tokens like Honk priced in sub satoshis and CYFROG priced in thousands of satoshis and still be able to buy both!

Bitcoin Cash really preserved what a Satoshi is, and I expect that miners will be more than happy charging a single satoshi per transaction in the future, as Bitcoin correctly scales here on BCH!

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