The Best 2021 Healthy Resolutions For Poker Players

The New Year is here and it’s time to make our resolutions! For many poker players, it’s not going to be much different. They’re going to be chasing big cashes, number of hands played or setting poker bankroll goals.

According to Forbes, 80% of the people fail in their resolutions. This can be avoided by mapping out simple and easy ideas that will help us to reach our goals more efficiently.

When it comes to poker, making goals and actually achieving them can be pretty grueling. This takes a toll on the mental and physical strength of the player. When it comes to resolutions, here are some easy and achievable new year resolutions that poker players can add to their list

Being Hydrated Is Essential

Dehydration is one of the easiest ways of losing your concentration in big high-stakes poker games. Drinks with heavy amounts of sodium, caffeine, or sugar can also cause a player to crash mid-session. Water helps maintain energy levels and can offset fatigue and headaches.

Staying Fit Throughout The Year

For poker players, staying fit and having a regular exercising schedule not only helps them to stay concentrated for longer periods of time, it also helps in decreasing stress and increases mental strength in playing poker. Posture is also sitting correctly can help improve your focus and avoid long-term back problems.

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Three-Betting More

Alex Fitzgerald, online poker coach at Advanced Poker Training has spent a lot of time analysing game data. One of his famous quotes are,

“If some guy is opening all his Broadways, his suited aces, 7-8-suited plus, and his small pairs, then three-bet him.”

 Take a look around your table and spot that loose player. Take advantage and find spots to 3-bet. This could be make or break in a losing/winning session!

Better Bankroll Management

BRM can mean a lot of things to different players. However, keeping a simple track of your winnings and losses is a good place to start. Generally 100 to 200 buy-ins for online multi-table poker tournaments is standard. Look for games with overlays and inferior players where you have an edge. Treating a gaming bankroll like an investment fund will greatly help increase a player’s odds of winning.

Play More Hands In-Position

Playing hands in-position is one of the simplest concepts of poker. However, many players still get into big hands out-of-position that have them crushed. Tighten up early position hands and stop playing junk from under the gun (UTG) and UTG+1. Players should analyze positions from which they are consistently losing money.

Make Time To Study

Listening to podcasts or spending time reading poker books can help improve a player’s game significantly. Training sites and YouTube videos make it easier than ever before to improve. Players looking for a small edge that can generate long term profits should set time aside each week for reviewing hands, reviewing online data or processing online data.

Hopefully, poker players reading this blog find these simple resolutions for 2021 helpful. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year once again!

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