Poker Club: The Best Poker Game for All Devices

It is not a lie that online poker has seen its popularity grow very fast in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that it is no longer a game only suitable for the most expert users, allowing anyone to start and learn little by little. Poker Club is the perfect example of bringing poker to the general public, allowing anyone to enjoy this card game and progress.

Ripstone Games is the company that created the Poker Club, which was launched at the end of 2020 so that everyone can enjoy the world’s most popular card game. One of the main features of this videogame is its wide availability as it has been optimized for multiple platforms such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms by Steam.

The game features Ultra 4K HD graphics, bringing the virtual gaming experience much closer to the great live games of the best championships. The realism of the game is amazing. This way, you can feel the excitement of poker up close, just as if you were playing poker with real money in Spanish. The game is available in several languages, allowing anyone to understand the concepts of the game. However, some words have no translation and their English term is used so that all poker players can understand it.

Great realism at all poker tables

According to the company’s statement, they have harnessed the power of Unreal Engine 4 and ray tracing technology to provide players with the most immersive and social poker simulation in history on current and next generation platforms. It is always essential that the quality of the product is as good as possible, especially to impress new users who are playing poker for the first time.

Poker Club is designed as a social experience. In keeping with the growing nature led by the online gamer community, Poker Club will connect players from around the world, and will feature tournaments of over 200 players. Players will be able to create or join a club, with leaderboards, exclusive tournaments, daily chip bonuses while working towards goals unlocking rewards.

The launch of this game is a great opportunity to give poker the importance it deserves. Until now, the most real games on these platforms only offered the experience of participating in a game as an add-on or, in the best cases, an extra mission to fulfill in the character’s original plot. However, this title promises to put Texas Hold’em on the map. For example, popular videogames such as Far Cry or Red Redemption allowed users to play poker, but with fewer features than Poker Club.

Some events and teams are club specific. Poker Club will offer multi-platform games, which means that players will be able to play together on different platforms. This connectivity is key as it will allow you to play with friends on different platforms, something ideal to avoid having to buy a console exclusively to enjoy Poker Club. This is already happening in many other popular videogames such as Fortnite, which has grown at a rapid pace in recent months.

Large number of daily tournaments available

In any videogame, it is important to keep users entertained with as much action as possible, so it is a great motivation for any player to be able to compete against the best from their living room. The game offers players the chance to take on the challenge of the PCC Poker Tour, an online career mode that takes players on a journey from underground games to major buy-in events. From sit&go, to MTT of different formats: Freezeouts, Shootouts, Turbos, Super Turbos, Bounties, etc.

The game will also feature a poker tutorial system, offering tips for both beginners and advanced players, and will be played in first person, with cinematic angles, to give the feeling of actually sitting at the table. Sometimes you won’t know the difference between a real online poker table and those offered at Poker Club because they have taken the experience to the highest level.

It is important for any player to have a videogame in which they can see their level of play grow, even allowing them to compete in popular tournaments. The release of the video game just a few months ago is not enough time to determine if it will be successful. However, bringing poker closer to the gamer’s world is a great option for the game to grow. We will have to wait to see the real impact that the game may have, or if it manages to attract new players to real money poker, since, at least for the time being, there will be no real money tables in the videogame. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you take a look at the game trailer, which perfectly symbolizes all the action you can experience inside Poker Club.

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