Poker and It’s Beginning – A View of Historical Milestones

Recap the History Associates with Poker Game

Unlike cricket, soccer, and basketball – the whereabouts of poker are almost unknown to all. Even the most ardent fans of poker are not aware that the game dates back to nearly 1,000 years back. Some historians believe that the poker which we play was first originated in China. Seems like the Chinese emperors have a special notch for playing the game of cards! 

However, it was not until 1998 around thatpokercame into existence. Obviously, without the internet and smartphones,playing poker online would have been impossible. But was it not played before 1998? Poker and casinos have come a long way! Through many changes and moderations in rules, poker tournaments have evolved a lot over time. 

Doesn’t hurt to have a look at the rich history behind the origin of the game? After all a true poker fan should be knowing the roots before engaging in the play. 

Poker in the 14th century 

The name was not always poker! Yes, you heard it right. In the 14th century in France, the game was known as Poque. Only the name was different. Otherwise, the rules were the same. 52 cards were used the game was exciting from the very beginning. One good news – bluffing was even then present and even now it’s in the gameplay! 

Poker in the 18th century 

The game became more popular among the Mississippians during this time. If you were born at that time, then a ride over the Mississippi River would have certainly landed you in a game of poker. The experience at that time was far better than the poker games online now. 

Poker during the 19th century 

During this time, the game became more professional. Players began experimenting with low stakes, high stakes, pots, and splits. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and some other simple variants came into place during the mid-1900s. So, the modern playing options that you get in online poker games nowadays have originally emerged from this century. 

Poker world series 

From 1970, people worldwide began to recognize poker as a game. With the starting of the poker world series, for the first time No-limit Texas Hold’em was played. From that moment to date, this is the most played variant of poker. Fun, easy, and thrilling – this variant was invented during this time. Finally, from this time poker tournaments became one of the most fast-paced games. 

Online poker boom 

The firstonline poker game was played during 1998 on a website known as PlanetPoker. There were no 3D techniques, no bots, or attractive reward systems at the initial stages. But, with the advancement of technology, things have changed now. It’s no more a betting game, rather it’s a well-organized online game that can help you make loads and loads of money. 

Poker during 2000 

The online world poker series took place during 2003 marking online poker as a professional fantasy gaming platform. Chris Moneymaker was the first person to win the tournament. His awesome bluffing and legendary out-playing of the Poker veteran Sam Farha over the online poker platform made it clear that even if you’re not able to see your opponent you can bluff and win the game. 

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