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Teams work better when software matches their needs


Increase team collaboration remotely by using software for video conferencing, coordinating projects and sharing information, writes Naphtali Hoff, who walks through several scenarios.

Creative questions can help team members connect


Team meetings can have a better sense of connection by having more gregarious people offer prompts such as “What’s your superpower?” — although not everyone responds to these endeavors, writes Eric Karpinski. Experiment with different techniques, and allow people who feel uncomfortable to pass.

Circular home makes you feel like a stroll in the woods


A circular house in the woods of Poland is designed to blend into its surroundings by looking like a massive tree trunk. Those who visit “can feel as if they are continuously strolling through the trees,” says lead architect Przemek Olczyk.

Floating staircase and lightning win top photo awards


A photograph of hotel stairs that seem to be floating in air won the architecture category of the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 Open Competition. Other winning pictures include numerous simultaneous lightning strikes over a field of lavender, a young woman cliff diving and a hare sticking out its tongue.

How can CEOs handle unhappy board members?


A fictionalized case study shows that CEOs must hear out their board members when controversy arises but ultimately can’t make everyone happy all the time. Having a conflict-resolution plan in place beforehand can help CEOs navigate these issues more easily.

This is how to create a culture of employee happiness


Employees who feel they’re contributing to the world through their work, have a connection with teammates and know mistakes won’t be held against them are happier and more productive, writes Manick Bhan. “[O]rganizations that make an effort to think about the impact of their brand beyond profits are more primed to keep their employees happy and successful for the long term,” Bhan writes.

Egypt’s royal mummies got a parade to their new home


Egyptian authorities recently staged a parade in Cairo to move 22 mummies — including King Ramses II — to a new museum inside customized vehicles and escorted by horse-drawn chariots.

Photos from camera bought on eBay reunited with family


A Pennsylvania family has been reunited with photos from Christmas of 1997 after a Canadian man found an undeveloped roll of film in a camera he bought through eBay. Bob Bartoletti says the family pictures are precious since they feature his late father and brother-in-law.

Beachbody CEO shares his keys to building a business


Reading, studying, not prejudging ideas and managing cash are keys to success for Carl Daikeler and his in-home exercise company, Beachbody. “Learn from everything and trust that the situations you’re in right now will serve the next step,” he says.

Why the “noble cause” of mentoring helps employees


Mentoring benefits children and adults, including in the workplace, says Carlos Lejnieks, a chapter leader for Big Brothers Big Sisters. “Care is the biggest thing, but the through line is commitment, consistency, and communication,” he says.

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