New era of Poker with Poker Scientist’s new gameplan

The Poker Scientist team has updated their already powerful browser-based solver with a new gameplan, achieving incomparable EV solutions.

Poker Scientist is now available with a new powerful gameplan

After adding them as a new partner in our software section back in August, the Poker Scientist team has been hard at work to further improve their browser-based solver tool—and the merits are now available.

The new gameplan is enhancing all aspects of the old one, with new wider preflop ranges, additional betsizes, and all turn and river runouts turning the already powerful solver tool into a whole different beast, delivering solutions with a vastly improved EV to comparable tools. The reason for this is a single-step calculation from the flop all the way to the river which leads to unmatchable solutions with virtually no EV loss.

Find out more about the single-step calculation used in Poker Scientist

Additionally, the interactive Training mode, another characteristic protruding Poker Scientist from other solvers, has been fully integrated with the new gameplan, providing an enhanced learning experience with EV-loss information for all actions in all spots.

Last but not least, the team has also improved the initial 25-flop subset, and will be keeping hard at work to achieve a powerful, complete 198-flop subset. You can find all the new improvements included in Poker Scientist below:

poker scientist new era

Wider preflop ranges with new sizings
Calculated from flop to river in one cycle, for maximum EV accuracy
Highest EV GTO gameplan with non-relevant line elimination
Preflop ranges with EV and equity for each hand
Additional postflop betsize of 25% pot
All turn and river runouts available with suit symmetry
Improved 25-flop subset
Fully integrated with the new gameplan
Up to 6 possible actions with full EV information
Various bugfixes

It’s safe to say, it’s another huge step forward for the already powerful software, so you don’t want to miss out. Make sure to use our bonus code PokerStrategy to receive a discount of 10% when buying Poker Scientist, accompanied with an immediate upgrade to gold status at

Get 10% off Poker Scientist with the discount code “PokerStrategy”

Poker Scientist in a nutshell

The team behind the development of Poker Scientist includes our very own coach Samy89 who’s been at the forefront of the education department in our German community, helping our members improve their game through innovative learning methods.

In a nutshell, Poker Scientist is offering users the following features:

  • Improve your understanding of the principles of GTO with a state-of-the-art analysis tool
  • Untangle the complexity of GTO through innovative features like Clustering and Simplification
  • Hone your GTO skills in an interactive training mode against the Poker Scientist GTO bot

10% discount for PokerStrategists

As a member of, you’re getting a discount of 10% when buying the innovative GTO solver. Simply use our bonus code PokerStrategy and receive the discount and an upgrade to gold status at

When buying Poker Scientist, you can choose between three different offers:

The three Poker Scientist subscription plans
Gameplan Bundle Trainer
✔️ Access to Gameplan ✔️ Access to Gameplan ❌ Access to Gameplan
❌ Access to Trainer ✔️ Access to Trainer ✔️ Access to Trainer
❌ Link between Gameplan & Trainer ✔️ Link between Gameplan & Trainer ❌ Link between Gameplan & Trainer
✔️ All possible heads-up spots ✔️ All features of Gameplan and Trainer ✔️ All possible heads-up spots
✔️ Instant GTO solutions

✔️ Result tracking

Furthermore, you can choose between 1-month, 3-months or 12-months subscriptions that come at a reduced price the longer the timeframe. In all cases, the 10% discount is applied on top of that when using our bonus code PokerStrategy in the checkout process.

Get 10% off Poker Scientist with the discount code “PokerStrategy”

What is Poker Scientist?

Poker Scientist helps you understand the principles of poker as efficiently as possible.

The browser-based software gives you instant access to a GTO gameplan, containing billions of strategies for every relevant heads-up scenario. The gameplan was developed with simplification in mind, with Clustering offering a whole new way of understanding and internalising new strategies.

Poker Scientist’s gameplan is calculated using computers that are several orders of magnitude more powerful than any desktop PC. The highly accurate solutions use the optimal number of bet and raise sizings. Solutions with this accuracy are not achievable for the average solver user on their home PCs.

Through two simplifications in the form of Line Elimination and Runout Clustering, Poker Scientist managed to overcome one of the major problems other solver tools have when it comes to learning and developing your own game efficiently.

Altogether, Poker Scientist offers you a GTO game plan with an innovative approach that’s going take your poker game to a whole new level.

Check out all Poker Scientist features on our dedicated software page

poker scientist analysis interface
The analysis interface in Poker Scientist
poker scientist runouts ev comparison
Runouts EV Comparison, with runouts requiring an almost identical strategy grouped in a cluster
poker scientist clustering and simplification
Clustering and Simplification, helping you to understand the deepest principles of GTO in a simple manner
poker scientist optimum strategy clustering
Optimum Strategy Clustering, with countless strategies all grouped into a few clusters by a unique algorithm developed by the Poker Scientist team
poker scientist gamification mode
Gamification Mode against the GTO Bot, enabling you train efficiently by being aware of strengths and weaknesses in your game

Get 10% off Poker Scientist with the discount code “PokerStrategy”

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