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Disclaimer: All information here is my opinion. If you disagree/have content I have not mentioned, feel free to leave a comment. I will update the list based on other people’s suggestions. If many people disagree with what I say, I will change it to reflect the majority. That being said, I am hoping this thread can be a place where people of different skill levels can go to find study material and work on their game.


There is no need to spend any money on content because there are is infinite free content online that will teach you the fundamentals for free.

I have not studied beginner level poker for a long time, so I would love recommendations for more content to put on this list.

Here is a list of free material I think will help beginners:

How not to suck at poker series on youtube –


At this level, you know all the rules to play the game of poker as well as basic strategy. For stronger intermediate players is when I recommend people to start spending money on content online.

Material to help intermediate players:

CrushLivePoker Youtube Channel – Bart Hanson does many hand history review sessions with clients and explains in-depth why you should play hands in a certain way.

Raise Your Edge Youtube Channel (TOURNAMENTS) – Personally, one of my favorites. Bencb does an excellent job of explaining why he plays hands in certain ways. Additionally, he has focused topics (e.g. how to play flush draws, how to play in 3-bet pots)

Jonathan Little Youtube Channel – Jonathan has tons of free valuable content on his youtube channel. He also has focused topics, which help advance certain areas of your game.

Jonathan’s (FREE) – Jonathan’s website has different levels of membership (From free to premium) that gives you access to different levels of content. He has many courses (cash game master class and tournament masterclass are two of his most popular) that teach you the game of poker. He has other pros have webinars (classes) on his website and it is nice to have different perspectives.


In order to get better at a consistent rate at this level, you will most likely need to pay for some paid content. What do I consider an advanced player? You are an advanced player if you have at least one of the following (I choose to keep it based on results because it is the easiest way to make skills tangible):

– Can consistently beat $2/$5 live

– Can consistently beat $.50/$1 online

– Have a positive ROI in live tournaments with buy-ins of $100+

-Have a positive ROI in online tournaments with buy-ins of $50+

Material to help advanced players:

Flopzilla (PAID) – “Flopzilla is a poker calculator that has been designed to let you quickly and easily figure out how a range hits a board.”

ICMIZER (TOURNAMENT) (PAID) – “In the span of a few seconds, the ICMIZER 3 software will show you the most profitable push/fold solutions, depending on the current situation at your table”

PokerCruncher (PAID) – Pokercruncher lets you analyze the equity your hand has against their specific range.

Raise Your Edge Tournament Masterclass (PAID) – IMO the best way to become a tournament crusher. Ben’s teaching style is amazing and can help you really bring your game to the next level.

*Really Advanced Only* SOLVERS – Solvers allow you to analyze the GTO thing to do with every hand in your range in every situation. This is mainly for players who already have been studying poker for years and want to fix small leaks in their game. A couple of solvers:


– Daniel Negreanu’s masterclass (too basic, all information can be found for free online)

-Phil Ivey’s masterclass (too basic, all information can be found for free online)

Honorable Mentions:

– Brad Owen Poker Vlog

– Andrew Neeme Poker Vlog

– Johnnievibes Poker Vlog

All of these vlogs are fun to watch, but you will not learn as much as you will learn from other material.

Let me know what you think! I’m sure I missed a ton.

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