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Generally curious how many of you would make the same call that Bryn Kenney makes here against Nick Petrangelo. Seems so borderline to me. After the hand, JRB made a comment about how he would fold AKo here every single time. I don’t really like JRB at all really, but I honestly feel like I would fold AKo here more than I would call.

What do you all think?

Here is a review of the hand for those too lazy to click on the link. Unfortunately couldn’t track down a video clip:

KK vs. AK – Nick Petrangelo vs. Bryn Kenney: $519,800 Pot

The biggest pot of High Stakes Poker Season 8 Episode 3 was a classic cooler. Tom Dwan straddles to $1,600 and Nick Petrangelo finds Pocket Kings UTG and makes it $3,500 to go. Bryn Kenney picks up A♠K♦ on the button and 3-bets to $15,000.

Big hands all around as Rick Salomon calls with A♦4♦ and so does Brandon Stevens with Pocket Jacks. Just like that there are $50,900 in the pot and when the action comes back to Dwan, he decides to make a play at the pot by 4-betting with 9♠8♠ to $71,000! Pot Size: $120,300

Given that Nick Petrangelo is one of the shorter stacks with $207,000 or 128 big blinds behind, he only has one play here and that is to go all-in, which he does. Bryn has Nick covered and decides to make the call, everybody else folds. Pot Size: $519,800

Great spot for Petrangelo, who is a 70% favourite, but they agree to Run It Twice and here are the two runouts:

Nick wins the first one. However, in the second runout Bryn spikes an Ace on the turn and so they chop this massive pot.

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