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14 Jan

In the typical setting, the country where any gambling company is based holds a level of authority over the services of such a gambling company. This has always been the case even with poker rooms all over the world until the internet came into existence. Now, there are fresh guidelines and regulations to see to it that these poker rooms and other gambling operators conduct themselves appropriately in every regard.  

This is simply the case as well with the British government. In this vein, the British government has now created the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to serve as a regulatory body for every activity involving poker rooms and other gambling activities all over the country, be it online or offline.

As long as your poker services will aim to get the poker lovers within the British market, you must obtain licensing from the UKGC. And to receive this license as a poker room, you must have displayed many desirable qualities; like:

  • Displaying clear ownership of such business.
  • Holding a different pool for player funds.
  • Zero connections to any crime
  • Show of competency
  • Possessing adequate finances

In their essence, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is there as a protector for British poker lovers to save them from the numerous hazards out there in the poker gaming world. The work of the UKGC is to safeguard majorly the best interests of the customers of these licensed poker rooms whenever they are at it.

Without any doubt, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is liable for the issuance of gambling licenses to poker rooms that have shown the desirable responsible traits. From the other side, there are sites for non GamStop poker at Casinogap.org that have proven their reliability. All in a bid to ensure that the standards are set to allow only the best poker rooms into the UL poker gaming market and save the customers from potential dangers that are even beyond their sights.

We have said enough about the gambling commission; how about these poker rooms? What are the features of the poker rooms that have been licensed by the UKGC? This will be our preoccupation for the remainder of this article.

Poker Regulations

We will begin with the regulations set in place by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission in their bid to ensure that the game of poker is well regulated and you are protected as customers. For this article, we will check out two of these poker regulations.

  • Compulsory Separate Pool For Player Funds
  • Regulations Guiding The Poker Rooms’ Accountability

Compulsory Separate Pool For Player Funds

For the Gambling Commission, it is mandatory for every poker room seeking their license or those that have been licensed already, to have a structure or a pool of funds holding the money of poker players separately from the other funds in the possession of the poker room.

This is one very crucial regulation as it is a cushioning for customers who no longer have to worry about them losing their funds should the poker room stop functioning or liquidate. When there is a separate pool for player funds, even when these happen, player funds are still secure and available to these poker players.

Regulations Guiding The Poker Rooms’ Accountability

Whatever regulations have been made for poker rooms by this gambling regulatory body is there to make sure that every poker room acts accordingly and carries out its activities in the appropriate manner. With these regulations, these poker rooms are likewise accountable to the UKGC and by this, the best interests of the customer are well protected as this is the major concern of the UKGC.

This is one of the reasons it is possible for you as a customer to file complaints against any poker room in a case where you’re not pleased with the services of such an operator. When you file such a complaint, the commission looks into it and ensures your interest has not been ignored. You cannot enjoy this privilege as a poker lover if you play in poker rooms without the UKGC license.

Limits For Players

The UKGC has limits set for poker players as a part of their regulations. The commission ensures that there are limits provided for players while they are at it in any of their licensed poker rooms. However, these rules do not apply to high rollers or Gamstop customers as well as players in search of offshore operators.

Fair Poker Gaming

This is another crucial part played by the UKGC regulations. They ensure that licensed poker rooms provide a premium and fair poker gaming experience to their customers where these customers have a practical chance to bag good wins and their chances are as clear as possible.

They do this mostly through Random Number Generators (RNGs) which ensure that the result of the poker game is random and is not manipulated in any way. Poker rooms must likewise state their exact Return to Player (RTP) rate for their games.

UKGC Customer Protection

We strongly advise that you only play at poker rooms licensed by the UKGC as they ensure that your safety is protected. By this, we mean, your financial information as well as your personal details. The strict standards set by the commission following the Data Protection Act ensure that you’re protected and your information is kept safe and used properly. You’re in safe hands!

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