DGAF is creating episodes of Sessions and the DGAF Community.

Dear future PATRON,

You are here either because you want to support my podcast, Sessions, or because you want to become a member of the DGAF Community.


Hopefully, you are here for both reasons! Regardless, thanks for inquiring about becoming part of my “Third Rise“…

Sessions is a full-time job for me. From composing notes on my laptop everywhere I go for “The Lead Ups”, to composing notes on my phone at poker tables all night long for “The Sessions”, to combining both forms of notes into episodes, to editing, to reviewing, to recording, to producing, to queuing up for release, TO MANY OTHER THINGS I DON’T NEED TO BORE YOU WITH THE DETAILS OF, it takes me 40 hours a week and then some. 

As any listener knows, I am very punk rock at my core an annoying idealist. Due to this very true thing, aside from shameless mentions of my own startup, Poker Rags (which pays for my podcasting operating expenses and, of course, is part of the story), I refuse to have advertisements mixed in with my “spew”. The flow of the story just means too much to me. 


So, in April 2019, I chose to monetize my suddenly very full-time job via voluntary pledges on Patreon. Hence, my Spanish pronunciation of the word “patron” ever since…

Patreon calls each person who pledges a “patron”, which in English means, “a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity.” And that’s cool, but since these people literally pay my monthly salary, I don’t think that definition is quite strong enough for my situation–>

In Spanish, the word “patron” (pronounced “puh-trone”) means “boss”. So, I say it that way…

Cool story, I know!

Now, for the real story…

As unlucky as I have gotten at the poker tables (so far in the story, who knows what is coming next though?), I also got REALLY LUCKY that I chose a voluntary compensation model for my podcast. 


The only thing in life that I am against is “nits”–those who take but don’t give (unless they have to). And a voluntary compensation model automatically filters them out, leaving me with only communal folk to thank for their support.

The main way I thank these communal folk, these PATRONS, is I give each of them a key to the gate at DGAFCommunity.com. And hopefully, without sounding too douche-y, what goes on beyond that gate is fucking UNPRECEDENTED…

DGAF Community is an online community of communal folk from all over the world: doctors, lawyers, scientists, philosophers, truck drivers, professional poker players, writers, vloggers, investors, entrepreneurs AND SO ON. Each member shares their experiences, wisdom, beliefs, humor, etc, with a level of respect for one another the Internet simply has never seen before.

And you know what?

As esteemed acting coach and DGAF Community pillar, Jeb Beach, first noted, this is 100% the real story of Sessions…

In the end, an organically grown online community–whose members all only share one common characteristic (they ain’t “nits”)–coming together from all over the world to achieve happiness and inner peace TOGETHER (the only way to actually get it?) …

…that’s just a lot more significant

 than some poker burnout, with as many issues as he has talents, trying to make his “Third Rise” any way that he can agrees with his principles, for himself, his children, and all of a sudden, his community.

Thanks for reading all that. I really don’t like the business/monetization side of content, but I gotta do it (I got mouths to feed). And on that note, I hope to see you in the community soon/right after your first pledge is processed!

What follows is a breakdown of each benefit listed in the tiers above… 





Included at Tier 1, $4.22 a month:
*No one can call you a nit
This is basically my way of saying the greatest benefit of being communal is that amazing feeling you get inside.
*Access to DGAFCommunity.com
Interact with like minds hearts from all over the world in our UNPRECEDENTED online forum.
*Invite to the yearly meetup
We go hard (for a few days straight) once a year, in Las Vegas, during the WSOP. All active PATRONS are invited.

Added at Tier 2, $8.44 a month
*Access to DGAF Slack Group
Join hundreds of like minds hearts sharing love, support, jokes, pics of their kids/pets/meals/drinks/cigars/etc and more, around the clock, on the amazing Slack app.
*Special gift at the yearly meetup
After 6 months at this level, I will give you an exclusive gift at each meetup.

Added at Tier 3, $16.88 a month
*Access to DGAF Home Games
You get to play in the online version of “Poker Night At Your Buddy’s House” with myself and many other degens from all across the globe (online, *rake-free, 24/7, $20 max buy-in).
*WSOP Free Rolls
The amazing app we use to play poker on (PokerBros) requires that we take at least 1% rake, 1bb cap (max 20 cents per hand). This is good because there are several expenses to cover with the app developer (buying chips, adding members, monthly fees, etc). Note: We also take 50 cents per tournament entry…
***All the rake that is leftover after expenses goes into a pool for all the members at this level. And then when the WSOP rolls around, we have enough money to put members in tournaments, and we split the prize money! Clarification: No one in the community makes ANY money from rake in DGAF Home Games.

Added at Tier 4, $27 a month
*Right to buy pieces of DGAF
You get the option to buy pieces of me in any tournament I enter at 1.3% markup. I have a “very good” record in the WSOP Main Event and look forward to earning for members in other big events as well.

Added at Tier 5, $51 a month
*Private dinner on DGAF
I take you and other members at this level out for an all you can eat (and drink) sushi dinner prior to the yearly meetup.

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