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Malaysian female poker players are gaining in popularity. Not only because the game is attractive to men, but because it has a lot of money to be won. Poker is becoming more popular all over the world. The Internet, especially poker rooms have made it accessible for any nationality to play.

Poker is not just for men anymore. Recently in one prominent casino in Kuala Lumpur (KL), an exhibition event for “Poker Players of All Ages” attracted a huge crowd. The event was organized by the hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. In this exhibition the first female poker players were interviewed. The women played poker against men and with men from all over the country.

The organizers of the event were surprised at how well these young ladies played the game. They were more than willing to enter the professional ranks of poker and win big money. The competition was tough, there were no girl chows at that first exhibition. But they did their homework, studied the game, practiced poker and learned from the mistakes of others.

The next exhibition, which was organized a few months later, attracted a similarly large audience. This time around the women poker players came from all over the country. There were some over twenty women playing poker. They ranged from the younger ones, to middle aged ladies, to older ones. They practiced together and studied the techniques with the same diligence as the men. Some of them even travelled to other part of the country to hone their skills.

The next major exhibition for poker in Malaysia was organized by the same hotel. Again, the crowd was enormous. Again women from all over the country attended. Most of the poker players were foreigners, although there were a couple of Malaysian men. These men took keen interest in the game and gave the ladies a real kick. There were a number of Aussies in the crowd also, who in their own way took an interest in the game.

The next major event for poker in Malaysia was the World Series of Poker (WPNP). This attracted many players from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. The Malaysia girls were out in force again, this time winning eleven of the twelve games which were played.

The next major poker event in Malaysia was the WPT tournament. This attracted Aussies, foreigners and Aussie Girls. It was won by a team from Australia, and this marked the first win for a female poker player in the country. Thereafter female players won fourteen out of the sixteen games.

All in all it was a great day for the poker player. She had a lot of fun, made some money and even received the recognition of being a professional poker player from an extremely prestigious tournament. However, not everyone in the country is as lucky as her. There are still many Malaysian girls who play poker, but the quality does not match up to that of the internationals.

There are two possible explanations for this. The first reason is that there is no significant financial incentive for the Malaysia female poker player. The other is that the quality of play at the lower stakes is not up to standard. Both reasons could be correct, depending on which you believe.

The lack of an adequate financial structure for the female poker player in Malaysia might be down to the lack of awareness of such players. Most of the top tables in the world are male, with the exception of Poker Stars, who has only ever accepted women players. Poker in Malaysia is traditionally a man’s game, and therefore the presence of a female player is relatively rare. This may change in the near future, and more poker tables for females may spring up across the country.

Regardless, the lack of an income for the Malaysia female poker player is not a large deterrent. This is likely because she would rather play in a poker room where she can enjoy the same amount of play time as her male peers without having to worry about the cost. She would also rather play more hands and spend more time playing poker then play fewer hands and play more slowly. Her ability to focus will probably be a disadvantage in a live poker game, but not so much so that she will lose.

The lack of a significant outside income might mean that the Malaysian female poker player is playing against a lesser skilled set of players. This does not mean that she should expect to win every game. It just means that she needs to be realistic about her chances of winning, playing for fun and not for money. If she wants to climb up the ranks of the World Poker Tour and the World Poker Bettors Cup, then she needs to put more effort into her game than most of the rest of her peers.

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