Best Malaysia Casino — How to Find Wanes Poker Malaysia?

After the closures of 30 local Malaysian online casinos, thousands of Malaysian players lost their funds on the casino accounts. In 2021 it is more important than ever to choose a trusted online casino that operates worldwide and cant be shut down by Malaysian authorities.

 Which Trusted Online Casino Should Malaysians Choose?

A giant international online casino has started to accept Malaysian players and accepts Malaysian banks as depositing method. They also set up a separate customer support unit to serve Malaysians better and are the official sponsor of Crystal Palace football club in the English Premier League.

W88 offers various games to Malaysians, including Poker, slot games, baccarat and live dealer games. The W88 online casino is one of Malaysia’s most trusted online casinos due to the bonuses, free bets, and VIP programs. If you interact with the players, you know how famous W88 is in the Malaysian market. It offers a wide variety of games and betting options. However, we have further explained some of the best features W88 has, which makes it the most trusted online casino Malaysia.

Try W88 and get Free Bets for creating account.

W88 offers free bets to every new customer without the need to deposit – how to claim free bets?
First open account at the official homepage by clicking here.
Then click on “Join Now” and set-up the account.

Why You Should Choose Trusted Online Casino Malaysia

Why You Should Choose Trusted Online Casino Malaysia
The primary reason is, gambling or betting is illegal in Malaysia. According to the betting act of 1953, common betting houses in Malaysia are declared illegal. However, these rules or laws were made several years ago and don’t contain any provision against online gambling. The Malaysians are taking advantage of this loophole in the system and satiate their gambling cravings online.
However, the local gambling sites or casinos bring no joy to the Malaysians as most of them pay the winners. Therefore, the local Malaysians now prefer international online casinos due to the transparency and fair business practices. These international casinos invest in the Malaysian markets and allow the local players to enjoy the online casino and have a winning amount in Ringgits.

As we have mentioned above, local casinos are not legal and thus not regulated by the Malaysian government. So, it is highly pertinent to choose the right online casino to save your money. As almost all the casinos in Malaysia are illegal and unregistered, they will disappear, taking all your winning amount. If you are looking for a smooth, trustworthy, and regulated casino experience, you need to head straight to any international online casino.

Although the local casinos are illegal and unregistered, local casinos’ proponents still argue that you should play a game through casino agents. Hiring an agent to handle the authorities is not only illegal but also involves the risk of money. So, if you do not want your money to disappear with the agent, drop the idea of having one immediately. Instead, you can choose a casino that operates in a country where gambling is a legal affair. According to law, any civil contract made in gambling and wagering is null and poses no legal liabilities.

It is highly ambiguous as to how long the restriction on gambling does prevail. The country follows strict sharia laws and secular laws, and all kinds of non-religious acts are banned. In such a conservative environment, the locals can only pray they might witness a bit lenient country where Non-Muslims have less stringent laws.

With the advancement in technology, the world seems to be boxed up into a smartphone. Now you can do everything and anything you want right from your phone. We have seen a recent rise in online gambling sites that offer players to earn real money directly from their couch.
However in Malaysia, you have first to research and choose a trusted online casino. There are multiple reasons to choose only the trusted online casino Malaysia.

Which Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2021 is the best?

So while there are illegal and unregistered casinos, at the other place, there is a ray of hope as well. A giant international online casino has opened its gate for Malaysian players and offers gambling returns in ringgit.
·         A Comprehensive Collection Of Games:
At W88, you find an extensive collection of games, including rugby, tennis, boxing, football, and many more. If you are a football admirer, then W88 is just the right place for you. You can bet on various events like Italy Serie, La Liga, champions, and J league. Along with offering a wide variety of games, the casino also provides a comprehensive collection of tournaments to choose from. All the games present in the W88 come with competitive odds. The site offers online sports betting, and the player got the choice to choose between live betting options and 3D virtual sports betting.

If you love to bet on sports, the virtual betting section is all yours.
The casino is also offering an experience regarding Fantasy premier league to Malaysian fans. So get indulged in all the games and sports along with winning real money!
If you have the W88 betting account, you can enjoy the Fantasy premier by depositing or withdrawing cash from your Fantasy sport wallet. However, W88 offers the premium kind of experience once you play for the money, but it can still be fun if you’re playing the demo version.
·         A Rich Casino Experience:
With the live casino option, W88 offers players a wide variety of options. All the games available at W88 are obtained from a well-known provider like MG live, Interactive, Gameplay, and Playtech. There are three casino rooms available at W88, including Club Massimo, Grand club, and Pallazo.
These clubs are different in terms of play modes, games offered, and the gaming style. Depending on your Club, you can get your hands on various games and earn handsome money. W88 offers a real-life experience to all the players. You can tip the dealer just like you can in a brick and mortar casino.
The W88 offers you a real-time experience to get money right from your couch. Here are some games that you can play along with others, including Baccarat, Bullfight, fantan, and baccarat.
·         Operate in 7 Countries:

W88 is an online casino that has an excellent reputation all across the globe. However, currently, it offers its services in seven countries and allows clients to watch their favorite game from Roulette, baccarat, slots, and live to bet of sort events.
W88 believes in customer satisfaction and thus tries to delight the players as well. As far as the player is concerned, a player will always prioritize and win a handsome winning amount.
·         Sponsor Crystal Palace:

W88 earns its reputation from being the sponsor of one of the top champion’s league teams, Crystal palace. If you are currently residing in Asia, and this is your first time gambling in your home country, the W88 is your best solution to have money. Being the main sponsor of Crystal Palace in the Champions League, the logo of W88 is printed on the front of the home away and third shirts.
It implements W88 as an international brand that exists among famous international brands and lives by its name. The casino has sponsored the biggest Club to have a global customer base with a trustable relationship. If you are looking for the most trusted online casino Malaysia, then W88 is the one you can trust with all your money and luck. Be a part of this significant venture by signing in today.
·         Acceptance Of Local Currency:

If you have signed up for W88, then we are sure your luck is working things out in a positive way as W88 offers the Malaysian gamblers to play in their home currency even though the casino is a foreign body.
To double the fun and convenience, the casino accepts all kinds of online payment systems and ease the withdrawals and deposits. W88 offers online games and Poker, which both got acceptance from the Malaysian banks, and thus it becomes convenient for the players to play. The acceptance of banks comes with the authorities’ approval, so now the Malaysian players have a legal and authentic site to play their hearts out.

W88 offers the players to either play free or for money. However, the free play option is not available for the live casino. If this is your first time playing any casino game, we strongly suggest starting with the demo version and avoiding risking your money.
The demo version gives you an authentic gaming experience, and it is not different from the original game except for one thing-the money factor. While playing and practicing on the demo version, you will not be able to withdraw money.
Once you learn the game, you can try your luck by playing for money. Being a new player, you have to be cautious regarding your money.
Try your skills on the demo version before getting into the real deal and try to maintain discipline. If you pay no attention to the discipline part, you might get carried away and lose all your money. W88 also offers various promotions and bonuses to make it more exciting and fun to play.

The Welcome Bonus:
Whether you are an ace player or a newbie, something is exciting for everyone at W88. The casino offers the new players a welcome bonus.
You get a 100% bonus on your first deposit. The bonus amount can be high up to RM600. The bonus amount can be used for further gaming, and you can choose the game by yourself. W88 is not going to force you to select any particular game.

But the great news is you do not get the bonus on your first deposit only. You can have a 20% bonus on your second deposit as well. Some of the other deposit and bonus details are as follows.
On successful withdrawal, you get RM30 extra
  Get your hands on 100% sign up for e-sports for up to RM218
  Get daily reloaded e-sports bonus
  100%cashback with five-plus combo
  Customer support at W88:

At W88, they value the customers and offer extremely satisfying customer care services. You can have a 24/7 customer care service at W88, and there is no language barrier involved. From English to Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, customer care can assist you in all the languages mentioned above.
Along with offering various speaking languages to ease the international players, the casino also provides multiple channels to contact a customer care representative.

You can contact an agent through skype, call, we chat or live chat sessions. So if you have any queries, contact an agent and talk your heart out with a dedicated and friendly customer care presentative.
To further assist the players, the casino offers the “info care” center where you can find answers to some frequently asked questions. The sections cater to the frequently asked queries that might intimidate new players. However if you like to use the traditional way of doing things, you can opt for an email to send an inquiry. The casino also offers a contact form to ease the contact issues.

What Type Of Casino Games Can Malaysians Play At W88?
If you love to play live casino, then you are in the right place then. W88 offers a vast collection of games to its players to satiate their gaming carvings. Here are some of the games that you find at W88.

There are multiple slot games available at W88 for the players to choose from. Whether you are a newbie or an old one, you can go through 1000+ slots to select your favorite one. The casino has classified the slots based on software providers, including Playtech, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Play N Go and Yggdrasil.

The slots loved by Malaysian players include Alchemist Stone, Mega Moolah, Book of Oz, Irish PotLuckPot Luck, Happy Riches, Aztec Bonanza, and Gold Rush. These slots not only offer fun and entertainment to the players but offer jackpots as well, including Mega Moolah, Diamond Wild Progressive, King Cachalot, The Glam Life, and Major Millions. Other promotions also include free spins.
Most of the new punters start their gambling career with slots as they offer you small wins and are relevantly easy to play.

Table Games And Lottery:
At W88 casino, every player is different and wants different exposure, so we offer various games to cater to their needs. If you don’t like to play live casinos, we have lottery and table games for you. There are multiple lottery options, including Ladder, GPI Lottery, Tai Xiu, and Fast 3. There are also various forms of table games available, including Poker, Classic, Super 98 Baccarat, and Texas Hold ’em Poker.

Traditional Asian Games:
Although the games available at W88 are developed by modern software companies, W88 fully cognizes the gaming demands and needs of its Asian players. Therefore the casino offers games at W88, which are considered traditional Asian games.

So, enjoy what you love to play back-at-home as W88 has made it all a highly personalized experience for every player. Some of the fantastic Asian game collections at W88 include the following. Dragon Tiger, Fish Prawn Crab, Xoc Dia, and Rock-Paper-Scissors.

You can enjoy all the games mentioned above in three different arenas, as discussed before, including Grand Club, Pallazo, and Massimo. The Grand Club is for the big bens, who are more into a live casino and big bets.
These high rollers have given a separate space to handle the more significant stakes. However, if you want to play within limits, you can choose to play in any other two arenas.
It concludes that the other two clubs are more affordable and streamlined with state-of-the-art technology. Enjoy your Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat, and other exciting and unique games with W88.

The casino is regulated by CEZA and undergoes regular audits. However, the dealers operating at the W88 are humans and are prone to error; if such a case arises, the casino calls for a pit boss, who resolves the matter between two parties. If the issue does not get resolved, the casino ends the game and the players’ best returns.

Software and Graphics:
At W88, the developers have some big names in the software development industry and offer extraordinarily soothing and mesmerizing graphics. The casino has some of the best software developers under its roof, including NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, IsoftBet, Play’nGo, Spadegamming, Skywind, and Gameplay Interactive.
Some software developers are also OS developers like Bongo, BG, GamesOS, and Betsoft; this means the casino has hired only the best in the industry to develop the most trusted online casino.
Along with these developers, the casino has chosen GGNetwork to develop the games. Although it all might seem overwhelming, the casino has gone through that much struggle to give the players the ultimate gaming environment, fun, and ambiance.

Transactions at W88:
One of the primary reasons why the Malaysian player doesn’t like the local casinos is that they are not reliable. However, if you choose to play with an international gaming site like W88, you get the authenticity, reliability, and safe transfer of money. As with the global casino, the payment mode is bank transfer, which is the safest form of money transfer.
Besides offering safe payment methods, W88 also provides the most acceptable payout rates to its esteemed players. The percentage of the winning amount that the casino pays back to the player is significant, and W88 offers the most satisfying payout percentages across the globe.
W88 is one of the most trusted online casinos in Malaysia that offers safety, reliability, and convenience all under one roof. We have provided reasons why the players from Malaysia should trust W88 for all their gambling cravings.
It offers easy registration and signs up options. However, if you are a new punter, you have to be careful before investing your money. The casino recommends practicing on the demo version of the casino games before getting into the real deal.
Once you get your hands on the gaming strategies, you can go for live casino and money based bets. However, we recommend to stay cautious and focus on avoiding losing all your money.
 Are There Any Other Trusted Online Casinos For Malaysians?
Want to know about more online casino options that are suitable for Malaysian players? Well, we have another fantastic casino that offers you similar facilities like W88- CMD368.

Gambling in Southeast Asia requires certain requirements to be fulfilled, and CMD368 serves the purpose of rightfully. It has a stronghold on all the gambling that takes place in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The online casino is famous for its variety of games, bonus offers, and payment safety features.

The most popular games among the players include Sportsbook, Slots, Poker, and Live Casino Games. However, what makes CMD368 stand out among the competition is the In-Play Football, where the players place a bet while the match is still happening. The casino also offers highly competitive odds to maintain the interest of the players.
However, other multiple gaming options are available, including basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, snooker, the Olympic Games, and motorsports if you are not very much into football.

Bonuses and promotions:
 CMD368 offers its players the most significant bonuses ever with the following mouth watering prizes.

100%sports bonus:
You can get a 100% welcome bonus from the sports section by depositing the minimum of MYR 50.

50% special bonus:
The players who deposit a minimum of MYR500 in the wallet can get a 50% special bonus.

5% reload bonus:
The members also get 5% of the daily reload bonus on the minimum deposit of MYR50.
·         Weekly turnover bonus:
The permanent members get the weekly turnover bonus worth MYR 1288 if they succeed in maintaining a valid bet for the whole week.


Choosing the best and trusted online casino is essential to have a fulfilling experience with real money.  If you are looking for a trusted online casino Malaysia, then W88 is the best available option due to the safety, reliability, and convenience.
So what do you think? Do let us know!

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